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Since 2007, Dr. David Macauley and Mrs. Molley Macauley, Founders of Better Grades Tutoring Services have a keen interest in helping parents find the right supplementary educational solutions. Dr. and Mrs. Macauley both hold teaching credentials in Science and English respectively, and in addition hold Administrative service credentials. This husband and wife team both have over 20 years each of teaching experience in the independent private schools, Christian schools, and public schools.

Over the years, the Macauleys have done private tutoring in many levels and see a need to assist busy parents in the heavy commuter community of Riverside County.

The Macauleys discovered they could fill a much needed niche in the private sector by matching qualified tutors with students who need help. “Our clients really love the fact that we personally meet them and their children to assess their educational needs, personality and learning style before matching them with the perfect tutor. The students don’t have to travel to a learning center and be inundated with excessive fees and burdensome contracts; we accommodate their schedule and come to them.”

The Macauleys have developed a network of qualified tutors who tutor all grades and subjects (K-12).
The tutors don’t have to spend their money on ads to attract clients, the Macauleys do it all in the role of a tutor broker.

“When people want a new home, they hire a real estate agent, when families need a tutor, they call us.  We discuss their needs, meet their child, help them set goals and find the right person for them.  We find it very rewarding to help parents, children and educators come together with the same goal - to help a young person improve their attitude toward learning, their self-confidence and their grades."

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